Workshop Reviews

“It explained to us how we can actually apply these techniques and strategies to our classrooms and students”

“I learned to try to leave the stress and remember the teaching moments.”

“Thanks, I needed a pick me up and confirmation that I’m not totally lost!”

“I had time to think about my kids and what new strategies I could use with them.”

“We learned different ways to work with different students.”

“The book is short, but pithy. During the workshop I felt reassured by hearing someone else’s experiences.”

“Awesome presentation … I felt I took away a great deal of helpful knowledge.”

“My favorite thing in this workshop was the careful, thoughtful look into details. It was really about student and teacher success.”

“I loved the stories … you can tell the presenters really care and are knowledgeable.”

“I loved the discussions of motivation and discipline. So many students lose motivation because discipline procedures are unreasonable.”

“I enjoyed that the workshop correlated directly with the book and that everyone was involved at some point.”